What Are You Bringing?

I was listening to a seasoned VP of a large multi million-dollar global company talk to the new employees who were attending their orientation training. This veteran leader talked about the history of the company and gave an overview of how they became the organization that exists today. Then he said something that grabbed my attention. He said, "Excellence has always been a priority to us, but I am still learning what that means". He continued, "I used to think that it meant simply working extra hours, putting in weekend time and working really hard. Now I am learning that excellence means doing the very best you can do at your job. No matter what role you play in this organization choosing to give your best is the key to excellence". 

What would it look like for a team to truly give their best? What is it that separates high performing teams and average teams? What is it that separates strong relationships from weak or wavering ones? What would happen if you gave your very best every day to those within your circle of influence? 

It seems that we live in a society where short cuts are encouraged and mediocrity is widely accepted as "good enough". This is not a generational issue; it is a personal issue. It begins with you leading yourself well and refusing to take average as a result. It takes determination, resilience, and at times downright grit. Excellence is not working more, pedaling harder or trying to accomplish more. It is the ability to be in the moment, doing your best to actively listen to those around you. It is being engaged instead of simply giving lip service or an apathetic response. 

Excellence is a choice. We choose every day whether we bring our A game or our B or C game to the work place. We have the same choice to make in our personal relationships. What if we stopped making excuses and started giving our best? Make the choice to offer your best at work and at home and you will make a difference!
- Larry