Through the Eyes of a Child

I was talking with an executive about her 6-year-old daughter. Recently her little girl wrote a note to her that warmed her heart. The note simply said, "I can see your love Mommy." Those precious words were a treasure to this mommy. They represented the love relationship between a mom and her child.
As leaders, we must ask ourselves an important question: What are others seeing in us? Do they see someone who truly cares about his or her team as individuals? Do they see someone who is more concerned with the task than the person? Do they see authenticity…or manipulation? 
What we say will always be superseded by what we do. There is a plethora of people in leadership roles who do not demonstrate effective leadership behavior. Leading is a verb not a noun. It is action oriented and all those within our circle of influence are acutely aware of how we are leading. 
Don’t misinterpret this to mean that we must always be perfect. Effective leadership is not about perfection; it is about investment. When we authentically invest in others, walk with them through good times and bad, demonstrating sincere humility, we will find ourselves on the path to strong and impactful leading. 
It takes work. That precious little girl mentioned above wrote that note, not because her mom is perfect. She wrote it because of the consistent steadfast love she saw in her mommy. Likewise, others will see and remember our consistent investment in their lives. What are others seeing in your leadership? Choose to put in the work to lead yourself and others well and you will make a difference. 
- Larry