Dr. Larry Little is a seasoned visionary, author, entrepreneur, and executive coach. As the CEO of Eagle Center for Leadership, he walks with leaders both nationally and internationally. His team at ECFL consists of seasoned individuals who have served in a variety of leadership positions. These leadership coaches are highly trained and bring a wealth of knowledge to any coaching opportunity. They are committed to providing intentional and results-driven coaching sessions to leaders of all types. Likewise the ECFL Facilitators provide powerful group meetings and presentations in a corporate environment.

Dr. Little is an internationally recognized executive coach with a footprint that spans from Kashmire, India, to Washington D.C.  working with individuals on 5 different continents. He has spoken to audiences in diverse professional environments and continues to be a much sought-after speaker and conference leader.

His leadership approach is rooted in the power of relationships: understanding one's own personality and the personalities of those one leads. His work focuses on challenging leaders to strategically perform at a higher level in order to increase their influence and effectiveness.

He works with leaders to take the mystery out of having successful relationships both professionally and personally. This means providing each leader with vital tools and practices that lead to powerful and influential relationships.

His style is authentic and transparent. His experience is time tested and relevant. His teaching is engaging and practically applicable to every leader.

Dr. Little is a life-long learner who had a desire speak into the lives of leaders at every level. He is effective with the entry level millennial as well as the C Suite executive leading a billion dollar corporation.

At the end of the day Dr. Larry Little is driven to coach, teach and speak so that leaders from every walk of life will be encouraged to make a difference in the lives of those they love, live with, and lead.


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