The Question of Change

Most effective leaders understand the importance of asking hard questions. Such is the case of the seasoned executive that I was talking with recently. We were talking about the need for some of his team to embrace change when he asked this question: "Should you only change when you do something wrong?" As we talked he commented that an organization that only changes when things go wrong is a sure sign that the organization does not want to grow or learn. 
Why is it that many times we wait for the dam to break before we change what we are doing?Why are we resistant to change? The answers are vast and varied. The truth remains that change is inevitable and in order to remain successful, impactful, effective (you pick the word), we must embrace change. The above-mentioned executive challenges his Leadership team to become change agents. He wants them out front facilitating and encouraging new innovative techniques and ideas. He realizes that the alternative is stagnation and lack of growth. 

Leading change is risky and at times incredibly difficult. No one ever said great leadership was a piece of cake. Choose to lead change instead of reacting to it and you will make a difference. 
- Larry