The Empty Room

I was presenting to an empty room. There was no engagement, no feedback, nothing. This was a first for me. If you happened to sign in to our first Webinar you heard me talking about Leading Above The Line. I was talking to a hidden camera on my computer screen. The good folks at IT BY Design and our On Line Services team assured me that this "new" method of communication would allow us to reach more people with leadership tools and skills. So we made the decision to grow our on-line services and branch into webinars…. or talking to a computer. I must admit it was a bit different and difficult for someone who makes a living assessing people and their interactions. However, once the presentation started I felt more comfortable and hoped those listening were finding benefit in the content. 
This experience is a stark reminder that change is an important part of any successful business. Change is also necessary for healthy relationships. If we are not changing, growing and learning then we are becoming stagnant and complacent and our relationships are likely dying. A wise and accomplished executive told me recently that growing personally was one of the top priorities of her life. She said, "I realize the importance of growing in multiple areas in my life and I am committed to being a life-long learner." Her consistent upward spiral, professionally and personally is a direct result of her growth philosophy. 
Leaders learn. Leaders grow. Leaders change. It is critical as we lead others and ourselves that we commit to these things. As for me, I'll keep working on the art of speaking to a computer screen. Stay tuned for more webinars to come! Choose to keep growing as a leader and you will make a difference! 
- Larry