The Lake Home

She is one of the most intelligent leaders I know. He is a leader/owner entrepreneur with an incredible ability to take risks and garner returns. They are both high-powered, fast moving, highly respected leaders within their fields and they are married. As they were touring me through their newly remodeled, beautiful lake home, it was obvious that this couple was different. While both are wildly successful, they also are uniquely gracious. Their home is filled with things that are important to him as well as things that she loves. They have taken special care to provide a home that makes their children (his and hers) feel accepted and loved. The design, decorating and focus of the home have been carefully thought through to provide each person within the home a feeling of acceptance and belonging. 
I was struck by their kindness and desire to make their home much more than a beautiful house. We ended the evening on their boat on the lake, sharing a glass of wine and watching the sunset. This high charging couple with enormous leadership roles and responsibilities knew how to slow down from the demands and false urgencies of their professional lives to find purpose. I was humbled by their humility and honored by their grace. 
Life is full of never ending stressors, responsibilities and demands.  In a world of advancing technology and innovations that provide instant connectivity we find ourselves more and more busy and less and less connected. Finding the time to show kindness and thoughtful intention to those we work with or live with is becoming extremely difficult, it appears.
Ask yourself how those within your circle of influence would describe your relationship. Would they see kindness and authentic care or simply a drive to accomplish the next task? Humility is not an inherited gene or personality trait. It is a choice. Choose to lead with intentional grace and humility and you will make difference. 

- Larry