The Mirror

He is recognized as one of the leading experts in his field and works for one of the largest companies in the world in their industry. This Brazilian leader has a global presence and was offered the opportunity to lead a premier leadership team with members sitting literally in multiple countries across the planet. The team gathered in Spain for their initial meeting with this leader. This could have been a time when he displayed his knowledge and expertise to his new team. He could have pontificated on how things were going to change under his leadership. He did none of these things. Instead, he was authentic and vulnerable. He realized the incredible responsibility he had, to lead the team. He knew that it was up to him to represent and support each member of his new team. 
Instead of making this moment about him he chose to make it about them. This is what he told them: "When I look in the mirror I will see each of you. I am merely a reflection of you. You are my mirror." He explained to me that it was important for him to take the focus off of himself and communicate to the team that he was "there for each of them". He said that he took the role because he truly believed he could help each leader on this team to be successful. 
This leader is creating a culture of teamwork, humility, and servant leadership. His determination to put his team first will result in greater productivity, increased efficiency and desired outcomes. It took courage and integrity for this leader to display such authenticity in his very first leadership team meeting. It is a rare approach but a highly effective one. Choose to represent and reflect those you lead and you will make a difference. 

- Larry