Righting the Ship

You would have thought that they were a losing team. The list of "things that are wrong" was much, much longer than the "things that are right". A leadership team was going through an extensive strategy offsite. If you had just entered the room you would have been tempted to believe that they were leading a poor or mediocre organization. You would have been wrong. This team of highly skilled individuals was leading an organization to achieve new heights. They had successfully led a come back effort that had righted a ship that was broken and headed downward. They were highly trusted by the stakeholders and had earned the respect of many through out their community.

So what's up with the long "wrong list" ? This team understood that in order to continue their path to success they had to do more than to right the ship. They had to move the ship forward.

This team knew that if they were going to accomplish this goal they had to demonstrate a unified level of humility that would not tolerate arrogance and selfish agendas. They were committed to pursue excellence and determined to push forward toward growth in all areas of their organization. These leaders were self aware and honest enough to recognize weak areas in their leadership and within the organization itself. They were willing to tackle the issues that would become obstacles for the organization to grow in the future.

Their authenticity and transparency was a breath of fresh air. Their commitment to each other and the purpose and values that served as the foundation of the organization was inspiring. A critical skill for an effective leader is the ability to look honestly in the mirror, identify weaknesses and execute a plan to improve. Self awareness is vital for a successful relationship of any kind.

In order to keep our teams and relationships moving forward we must be humble enough to identify weak areas in our own leadership and lives. When we commit to keep moving the ship forward we will make a difference.