Uncle Carl

I never knew Uncle Carl. He was a hero, like so many who have gone before us to sacrifice their lives for our freedom. He served his country during WWII and never came home. He left a father, mother and a host of siblings who mourned his death.

Monday was Memorial Day, the day that America remembers its fallen. Those men and women sacrificed everything so that we might enjoy the freedoms and rights we have today. Other countries acknowledge the sacrifice of their heroes on different days.

It is easy to forget. It is easy to get distracted with the busyness of our lives. The tragedy is that in forgetting we not only invalidate our heroes, we also lose a piece of our heritage. In doing so, we destroy the fabric of our very existence.

All wars are not noble and mistakes are always made. However the heroes, the men and women who gave their very lives, possessed what every leader desires. Leadership begins with sacrifice. It is founded in commitment. It is grown with legacy.

Pause this week and remember. Take time to honor those who gave what you and I have not…their very lives. Thank you, Uncle Carl, for your service and sacrifice.

It is humbling to think of these brave warriors and I am forever thankful for their leadership and love for their country. Truly, they made a difference.