Another View

Meet Chad. He is a carpenter by trade but it's been tough lately. Chad has not always made the best choices and he is reaping the consequences of some of those decisions. His relationships are a mess and he lost two of his fingers while working on a project in his garage. He needs work. A friend of mine referred Chad to me, to do some work on a project at my home. He asked me, would I be willing to take a chance on Chad? Many things went through my mind. I, as you, have had experiences with those people who live life on the edge. They can be undependable, unpredictable and chaotic. They can cause trouble for you and others. My friend told me that Chad was trying to get his life back together and was dealing with his demons.

I decided to give him a shot. I set up ground rules and regular accountability check-ins. However, I was skeptical. While I trusted my friend, my experience said the success of this venture was a long shot. Chad started to work and I was amazed. He showed up early and worked hard. Make no mistake, he is not polished or politically correct with his speech, but he was genuine and willing to try his best to do a good job, even going beyond our expectations on the project. While he was here, we got to know a bit about his life experiences. While they are very different from mine, it reminded me that my view of the world is only one view. Chad taught me that leadership doesn’t come from always making the right decisions. It comes from struggling with disadvantages and fighting through hard times. It is demonstrated by overcoming mistakes and poor choices. It is about resilience and perseverance.

Chad has lived a hard life and is still struggling. He is doing the best he can to overcome obstacles that face him every day. I am proud of his stamina and determination. Thank you Chad, for walking through the difficult path before you, and for not giving up. You are a leader and you are making a difference.