He was a successful CEO of a large corporation. He worked, led and served his employees for decades. His legacy was one of hard work, and genuine compassion for those under his leadership. He deserved to retire and enjoy the next season of his life by taking it easy. However, no one told that to Mark. He had other plans for the next season of his life. I spoke with him recently and I was amazed at what he was doing. He is supporting a new start up company because he "saw the passion in the young entrepreneur's eyes." He is serving as a mentor and board member to small companies who need his experience and wisdom. Not to mention, he has plans to open a new venture that aligns with his "hobby" within the next year. All this goes on while he continues as an attentive and loving husband, dad and granddad to his family. 
The point is, this retired CEO is anything but retired. As a friend of mine says, "He just retooled".This is what true leadership looks like. It is not based on what you do or how you feel, but instead on who you are.  It is not based on a season of life but on a choice of how to lead within that season. It is ageless and it contains no limits. 
The secret to Mark's success as a leader is his refusal to quit and his authentic desire to continue learning, growing and giving to others. His enthusiasm for life and love is contagious. 
One can lead; no matter what season of life you are experiencing. Whether it's a simple gesture or a big audacious goal, you can pursue your goals and dreams and enjoy the seasons of your life. Refuse to accept the excuse of "I can't" and choose to "retool" and you will make a difference!