The Red Star

We are two weeks into the new year. Statistics tell us that by now, most of the New Year resolutions have already gone by the way side. For this reason, I am not one who makes many New Year resolutions, however I am aware of the power of setting goals. Lest you think that goals are only for those in the professional world, let me introduce you to Ellie. She is driven, competitive and determined. Ellie is on a quest. Her goals are clear and her progress is evident. Ellie is five years old and is working hard to obtain the Red Star. With the Red Star comes additional privileges and rewards. The Red Star is achieved through accomplishing specific goals at home. She charts her accomplishments and works hard to reach her goals. She celebrates her victories and determines to keep on trying when she doesn't reach her goals. 
Goals are what move us. They can create accountability and give honest feedback to our progress. They can be measured yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or sometimes minute-by-minute. They give us purpose and meaning and keep us from working and living in stagnated apathy. We all need something to pursue, to reach for, and to accomplish. The ultimate goal should be for us to get better every day of our lives. This means identifying those things in our lives that we are not pleased with and setting a goal to improve them.  When we accomplish a step toward reaching our goals we should celebrate the small victory. When we stumble and fail to reach our goal, we should be determined to keep on trying. 
Ellie is racking up the Red Stars and learning a valuable lesson about how goals can benefit her. It's a truth to which we all should adhere. Begin identifying goals on a consistent basis in your life. Chase them and allow them to hold you accountable. Choose to set goals for life and you will make a difference!

- Larry