Graders vs Coaches

He may be the smartest person I know… and I know a lot of smart people. His technical ability is legendary and consequently, he is known through out the mega-corporation that he works for as being the go-to guy when there is a hard problem to solve. This executive is responsible for thousands of people, both nationally and internationally. Recently we were discussing leadershipand this is what he said:
"There are two kinds of leaders…Graders and Coaches.  It's a lot easier to be an analyzing score keeper than an ongoing Coach. One allows you to randomly grade your employee and the other requires you to think about the person's issues. One can destroy a life while the other can make life-long changes for someone."
These are words of wisdom from a very wise leader. Who are you? Are you grading those you lead? Are you investing in others as a Coach? Effective leadership is not easy. It takes grit and determination to become a Coach that truly cares about others. 
Choose to put down the grading scale and start coaching those you lead and you will make a difference.