Choosing to be Fired

The choices we make decide our fate. I was talking with a seasoned executive when he explained this truth. He said, "Our employees decide to fire themselves. If we are leading well, then the decision to leave our company lies with each team member. If we, as leaders, set clear expectations, and communicate with clarity and consistency, our team members’ decisions will drive their employment status."

There should be no surprises when a team member is not meeting the expectations of their leader. Building a process that includes over communicating expectations and results is a vital part of strong and successful leadership. Making assumptions, or refusing to have hard conversations when needed, leads to a confusing or even a toxic work environment. 

We should never have to fire an employee. Instead the team member should fully recognize that he or she is underachieving and not meeting the clear expectations that have been provided. 

Choose to over communicate to your team, give solid and reliable feedback, and you will make a difference!