No Idea

He had no idea. 

He thought things were good or at least on track. They were not. His team was frustrated, his peers annoyed and his clients were threatening to leave. The storm that was brewing had nothing to do with his competence or IQ. It had everything to do with his EQ (emotional intelligence) or lack thereof. He came across as arrogant to his clients. He exhibited a command and control leadership style to his team and was dismissive of peers who tried to help. He had no clue.... until his boss communicated to him the problem. To his credit, he listened and began a process of working on the gaps in his leadership. 

Most of the time, leaders are not aware of the effect they have on those around them. Many leaders get so focused on their tasks that they neglect the people skills needed to succeed. Leading is about much more than getting the job done. It's about influence and that can be positive or negative. 

The first step to leading with EQ is to become self aware. How are those around you perceiving you and your actions? It is our responsibility as leaders to own our behavior. Leading without being sensitive to others is not leading. It is dictating. 

Choose to be intentional about how you influence and you will make a difference.