Better Together

"It is impossible to get it right all the time." This leader was describing a dilemma that her team was facing. She continued, "But we are better together than any one of us alone." This seasoned leader recognized the importance of working together as a team. More importantly she realized that having the ability to collaborate and listen to others’ views and perspectives actually improves our leadership skills. 

Leaders who create a ‘win at all cost’ environment send a selfish, polarizing message to their team. I met a leader who actually tried to create combative situations for his leadership team. His theory was that the “strongest would win”. His method of leading created a lack of trust, high anxiety and low morale on the team. 

Likewise, no one wants to be in a personal relationship with a know-it-all. When we "think" we are always right we send a message of arrogance and annoyance to those in our lives. Relationships flourish when both parties realize the value each brings to one another. 

Being "better together" means having the humility to listen and respect the opinions of others especially when they are different from yours. Choose to allow others to be heard and valued and you will make a difference.