Learning to Listen

I noticed that many times there is an inverse correlation that occurs in leadership.  A friend was describing a meeting led by a prominent leader in her field. She said, "This leader spent the whole meeting talking about himself. He never stopped to listen or truly hear what others in the meeting were trying to communicate. 

It appears that the more a leader rises in prominence the less he or she is willing to listen to others. It is a rare leader who has the authority and position to make decisions alone but chooses to slow down and allow others into the process. Not listening sends a message to others that, ‘I am more important than you’. 

Constantly turning the conversation to yourself is a sure way not to develop strong meaningful relationships. Being interested in and truly investing in others is how deep relationships are grown. 

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, making every engagement or interaction about you will yield poor results. Choose to lead by learning to listen and you will make a difference.