Our Opportunity

This is the week that our country celebrates its independence. A friend and executive told me recently, "Many people don't understand or even realize the opportunities that are before them." We spend a lot of time as a country complaining and bemoaning what we don't have and very little time appreciating what we do.

July 4th is not about celebrating our wealth or prosperity. It's about remembering and appreciating our freedom. The freedom to worship, to learn, to grow, and to seek truth. The freedom to disagree, to experience diversity and to love all people.

No matter where you live or what country you call your homeland, as leaders we have a responsibility to recognize opportunities. For my country, this week is about celebrating the leaders who have gone before us to afford us the opportunity to lead forward.

I love my country, I hope you love yours. Choose to appreciate the opportunities you have and you will make a difference.