It's The Small Stuff

I recently received a text that said, "STOP TEXTING and enjoy your weekend!" A leader and friend of mine was reminding me that some things are more important than work. It was the weekend and I was texting to follow up on the many tasks that can consume me on any given day. My friend cared enough to confront my workaholism. It made me stop and think.

It's not the big things. Studies show that it's the little things that matter when you are choosing those that you can trust. We all have experienced those moments that cause us to pause and realize that someone truly cares about us and that we can trust him or her. We generally think that trust is gained from walking through difficult situations with someone and that is true. But trust can also be gained from the simple day to day acts of caring. It looks like taking the time to ask about a coworkers family or showing genuine interest in what is going on in someone's life. Gaining trust is simply choosing to authentically invest in the life of someone besides ourselves. It does not have to be a huge life changing event. It can be a simple, genuine act of showing concern. 

When those within your circle of influence believe that you care about the little things in their lives they will trust you with the bigger things. Be warned that growing trust takes consistent and intentional investment in someone. It's not rocket science, it’s deciding to care. 

I am glad that my friend cared enough to tell me to put the phone down and stop working. He raised the bar of trust that I have in him. Choose to look for those small opportunities to speak into someone's life and you will make a difference!