The Hunter's Moon

I'm at my favorite place in the world working on a new book project. I have a routine and ritual that I have established to help me meet my goals. I took a break last night to watch the sunset, (I love sunsets) and was able to see the Hunter's Moon. It is the first full moon following the Harvest Moon. The moon gets its name from the Native Americans who used the light of the moon to hunt during the changing of the seasons. It represents the truth that change is coming. 

I thought about how we seem to ignore the inevitable. We know the Hunter's Moon is coming and change will follow. We know that our lives cannot remain the same. We are in a perpetual state of change. Yet, we live life and make decisions like change will never happen. The only real choice we have is how we prepare and address the change. We can face it, embrace it and grow or we can ignore it and allow it to overwhelm us. We cannot predict or control the future, but we can be ready for opportunities that will arise. 

There will be struggles, good times and bad. What are we doing to learn and grow as leaders? What are we doing to strengthen our ever changing relationships with those we love? How are we investing our time, energy and effort? If we are trying to hold on to the past, the results will be disappointing and frustrating. If we have our eyes on the future, anticipating the change that will happen, we can find fulfillment and hope.

The Hunter's Moon is here and so is change. Choose to embrace it, prepare yourself to grow and you will make a difference. 


PS – I'm excited about our new book! More to come later about how you can get a copy.