You can tell a lot about someone when you are on a trip with them. We recently took a trip with a small group of friends. We call each other the Redwood Friends. This is taken from how the redwood trees hold each other up with an expansive root system that covers the forest.

The trip taught me a lot about my friends. I experienced what true servant leadership looked like. I witnessed small acts of kindness all through the trip. It was a culture of care and true concern for one another. Mixed in were a ton of laughs and lots of fun with a group of friends who were not afraid to be authentic with one another.

What if our teams operated in a culture of care and authenticity? What if our relationships allowed us to be real, and yet maintained mutual respect?

This weekend getaway was a welcome reminder that leadership is about giving, and serving and perhaps most importantly, not taking ourselves too seriously. I learned a lot this weekend. I learned that I am one blessed guy to have such an incredible group of Redwoods in my life who truly make a difference.