It's Coming...

It's coming. You can count on it. You can bet the house, the farm and go all in because it will happen. It's the thing that causes fear and dread for so many…I'm talking about change. I have been walking with an executive who previously led thousands of people at one of the highest levels in one of our government agencies. He was "the man" in many respects. At the height of his successful career, he made a life altering decision. As he put it, "I wanted to challenge myself to grow in all areas of my life.” He took the risk of all risks and made a career  change. He did not jump wildly or without thought. He searched and found a place where he could begin "at ground level" and serve as part of the team. It was a place that aligns with his values and has a healthy culture. He literally threw himself into an environment of constant change and opportunity. 

What amazes me is how he is approaching this new venture. As he puts it, "I am listening and learning every day and I am enjoying the opportunity to add value and contribute to the success of this organization."  He continues, "It is a bit scary at my station in life to jump into a new situation totally but it is also incredibly exciting. It was the right decision for me and I am enjoying investing in others." His humility is inspiring and his excitement is contagious. 

Change is the only real constant in our lives. We can embrace it and find purpose and value through it or we can deny it and allow it to make us it's victim. 

Thank you JP for demonstrating how to lead through change. Your example reminds us that when we choose to find purpose in change we will make a difference.