Captain Eddie

Let's be clear. I am not a fisherman. But it was a special occasion and I was with good friends and family on a fishing adventure. We came prepared. We had sacks of food and a cooler of beverages for our 3 hour fishing adventure at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Our captain was Eddie and it didn’t take him long to assess that his fishing guests were of the novice variety. He could have taken us in the rough waters of the gulf for serious fishing. Instead he understood our fishing capacity (or lack thereof) and he adapted his strategy. We took a tour of the gulf and found dolphins who entertained us by swimming along side the boat. He then took us for beverages at the Pirate's cove. Finally, he took us to a spot where we caught several fish in the Mobile bay. 

What impressed me was Eddie's EQ and his ability to navigate his fishing crew. He observed that we were not serious fisherman and adjusted the trip to give an experience that we would enjoy. He put his agenda aside and met our needs. Eddie led us by understanding who we were and what we desired, then worked to meet us where we were. He did not try to make fisherman out of us but allowed us to be us. At the end of the trip, we had experienced a great time, caught a few fish and shared a lot of laughs.

Leadership is about people. Understanding who we are leading and getting to where they are is essential to effective leadership. Eddie knew his crew and adapted to their needs. Choose to lead with EQ and agility and you will make a difference.