Meet Sita. She is an employee with a large Hotel franchise. I was staying at the hotel while traveling for work when we met. When she discovered that I am in the leadership business she said, "It important to value the correct things in life. I teach my children to not value the valuables in life but to cherish the values in life. "Read that again. Don’t miss the wisdom in her statement. 

What do we really value? Many times we choose to cherish the things that we are measured by in this world. We value things like EBIDA, wealth, or status. While these things may be important, they should not be our greatest desire. Our value comes from the things that we value. If we allow ourselves to be driven by the desire to create more and more wealth, then our core values become centered around just that. If we are more concerned with the approval and opinion of others than our own values we lose our identity and self worth. 

How we live our lives says volumes about the things we value. Our actions are the greatest form of teaching others who we are and who we are not. When we allow our core values to define us, we find ourselves striving to live a life that supports those values. 

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, what are the things that you value the most? I am thankful for the values that align my heart, mind and soul. Things like my faith, my family and those I truly love. 

Thank you Sita, for helping me to remember how important it is to value the right things. 

Take some time to show the ones you love how much you value their lives. Your willingness to act on the things you value will make a difference. 

- Larry