The Hustle and Bustle

It was the next thing on my long list of things I needed to do that day. So, I rushed over to our EC team Christmas party event, a bit frazzled and stressed. That's where I met Rae. 

She was our "party ambassador” for one of the big golf/party/event franchises in our area. Rae met us at the door with a huge smile and an enthusiastic welcome. She assured us that if we had questions she had the answers to make our time fun and enjoyable. She made sure we understood where we were to go and then gave us clear instructions for our day. Once we began our meal she and her team were prompt to serve and meet the needs of our group. When the time came for the games, she was right there giving us clear instructions so that we could get the most out of our experience. She did all of this with kindness and a contagious positive attitude. I found myself relaxing and enjoying the time with our EC team

We are headed into the season of hustle and bustle. Our stress levels are rising as we try to find the right gifts, prepare for gatherings of friends and family and close out our year. While we may not be able to control the expectations around this time of year, we can control how we approach this season. No matter what our responsibilities or the amount of things we need to accomplish before Christmas Day, we can put a smile on our face and demonstrate a positive attitude toward those we encounter. 

Rae's leadership allowed our team to enjoy being together in a fun atmosphere. She chose to serve us with energy, enthusiasm and joy. Choose to demonstrate joy in this joyous season and you will make a difference!