What's Your Value?

What is your value? I'm not talking about financial net worth or investment portfolios. A seasoned leader asked that very question while addressing a large group of diverse individuals. Stop and consider the question.
We are all terminal. In other words, we will all die at some point. When that occurs, all the stuff we have accumulated will be left to someone. However, not counting your stuff, what will you leave behind? 
The leader mentioned above challenged us to consider our worth…without our accumulated wealth. What nonfinancial contributions, investments, or giving to others will be attributed to you? 
In a culture where we find our selves busier and busier, chasing our dreams, it may be wise for us to consider the true value of what we are chasing. When your days of living have been used up and your stuff is left behind, what will be remembered about your life? 
Choose to create value by investing in the lives of others and you will make a difference. 

- Larry