It's Terminal


It seems that death has taken several people that I know in the last couple of weeks. Some were at the end of a long life, some were ending a battle with cancer and others experienced an unexpected end to their time on this earth. I was talking with a leader this week and I asked him to consider his legacy. When it's all over and the "fat lady has sung her song" for your life, what will the impact you leave on this world look like? He responded, “I guess I should be working on that now. I can tell you what won't make an impact. It's all the time I've spent working and investing in things.”

We really just don't know. There is no one who can predict life or death. But one thing is for sure….we are all terminal. This life as we know it will end one day. So the question is how are we going to use the days, hours, minutes we have left to impact others? While we cant stop taking care of the responsibilities that demand our attention, we must remember that we have a purpose greater than our accomplishments in the business arena. 

We all have been given the opportunity to lead those within our circle of influence. No matter how large or small your circle, the truth is you have a limited time to impact others.

Choose to make each day count as you live your legacy and you will make a difference! 

- Larry