Trust Issues

Trust issues. Just about everybody has them at some level. I recently encountered both ends of the trust spectrum. I was talking with a senior executive of a large international corporation. I needed insight and direction on a subject. This executive is a person of few words (a Camel/Turtle in my MAD vernacular). He listened to my concern and answered with wisdom and clarity. Then he said, "Larry, this is what I believe and this is what we are doing. This is what I think you should do.” I have a long history with this  leader so I have experienced his follow-through and his integrity. Immediately I knew that I could trust his words. The situation resolved just as he had suggested and his organization did exactly what he told me they would do. 

Not long after I talked with another entrepreneur on an entirely different matter. Again, I needed insight and direction on an issue. This leader said, "This is what I believe is happening and this is what I will do.” The timeline he set came and went and all I heard were crickets. He did not follow up and left me with more uncertainty than I had before our conversation. 

One leader reaffirmed trust and another decreased my trust. It is a stark contrast of how our words, behaviors and actions affect those around us. Trust seems to be a rare commodity these days. The truth is, we all fail from time to time in this area. But realizing our mistake and owning it goes a long way toward building trust. Trust is not about being perfect but it is about a pattern of behavior that earns trust or creates mistrust. 

Building trust takes commitment, determination and time. Choose to build trust in those you lead and you will make a difference.