The Fog

I'm at my favorite place in all the world…but I can’t see it. All I can see is a misty grey vapor cloud. As I look over the horizon, I would love to see the beautiful ocean with its rolling blue surf and pristine white beach. Instead I see nothing but grey. It's a lot like the new year rolling in. While we may set goals, establish dreams and have the hope of good things, the truth is that none of us can see the future. Not one of us can predict with one hundred precent accuracy what 2019 will bring. Our future is a fog. What determines success is not if we can see into the future, but how we lead through the fog. As my close friend Tom put it, "I try to do a little less proclaiming and a bit more doing" when it comes time for New Year’s resolutions. 

It is easy to set goals and "proclaim" how things are going to be different or talk about what we are going to accomplish in the next year. It is a bit more difficult to actually execute our goals and intentions. It means we have to take the first step even if we can't clearly see the end result. It means that we must risk failing. It means finding the strength to push through our struggles each and every day. It means making the most of every opportunity that we encounter, regardless of our feelings or desires. 

Pardon me while I take a walk through the misty vapor cloud that is hiding the beautiful beach. When we choose to walk through the fog of uncertainty in 2019 we will make a difference!