Thinking Ahead

A principle of good leadership is to get ahead of the problem. Anticipate the issues and have a plan ready to address them. Leaders who can master this skill find themselves succeeding in their roles within the organization. Those who refuse to plan, look forward and make adjustments will not be able to survive in today's ever-changing work environment. I spoke with an experienced executive recently who understands this principle. He said, "one of the biggest struggles on our leadership team is thinking ahead. We get comfortable and want to be defensive about change instead of going on the offense to drive change". He continued, "When leaders are resistant to new ideas it hinders the progress of the entire organization. A defensive minded leader sends a toxic message to the rest of her team that change is bad."
Change is inevitable. The only thing we must decide is how we are going to handle that change. It happens in every aspect of life. Unfortunately, some believe that their comfort is more important than embracing new ideas and improved processes. The same is true about relationships. In order for a relationship to be successful it must change. A stagnant relationship will result in a dead relationship. Conversely, when we anticipate, invest and become intentional, our relationships will flourish. Being comfortable is not the end goal of an authentic and healthy relationship. Struggling together, learning more about each other, and working to make one another better are the key ingredients to success. 
Getting ahead of problems is a skill that can be learned and developed. It requires us to be uncomfortable and committed to change. Choose to think ahead in your professional and personal relationships and you will make a difference! 

- Larry