Get Out of Your Head

From where are you leading? It's a strange question but take a moment to assess. Do you find yourself thinking about all of the things you have to accomplish? Are you fully aware of the goals, responsibilities and timelines in your life? A young millennial leader asked me to think about my leadership.  I immediately began to think about the demands that I felt and the responsibility that results from those obligations. Then she asked me to think about my leadership not from my head but from my heart. This changed my perspective. 

I suddenly saw people who needed connection, encouragement and clarity in their lives. I saw projects and programs that were heavy and the struggle that other leaders were under to carry that load. I realized that the demands of our world would always be here but our response to people is what really matters. 

When you think from your heart, what do you see? Who do you see? If we dared to truly care about the lives of those we lead would we do things differently? Do we authentically lead out of compassion, passion, determination and inspiration? Is our leadership conditional? 

Sometimes the right thing to do is to allow our heart to lead us. If the people that we influence truly believed that we cared for them, our relationships would flourish. Allowing ourselves to be transparent and caring will make us stronger and more effective leaders. 

It looks like those millennials might just be on to something! Choose to lead with your heart and you will make a difference.

- Larry