The Tattoo

It was one event. Everyone experienced the same thing…..or did they? We were honored to attend a wonderful evening in Edinburgh, Scotland that included a dinner and a spectacular outdoor display of marching bands, bagpipes, singing, fireworks and much more. This is an annual celebration of life and love, of cultures from across the world. It's called the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. As we toured across the country, I spoke to various citizens of Scotland about their Tattoo celebration. I was amazed at the wide range of responses I received. Some thought of it as no big deal and simply a tourist attraction.Others responded quite differently. When asked about the Tattoo, their eyes lit up as they exclaimed how wonderful the event was for the people of Scotland. Many mentioned how emotional the event was and I could hear the sincerity in their voices. They explained to me that this represented a love for their country and fellow Scots. They were genuinely excited that we had experienced their Tattoo.

One event but different responses. I wonder how many times I miss the meaning, the purpose and the opportunities that cross my path simply because of my lack of awareness. Everyday we have many events that we experience. Some are good, others are painful. While I cannot control the events that present themselves to me, I can control how I view and respond to each one. Many times I am short sighted and focus on the negative or merely miss the moment. Life is about choices.What if we decided to view the rigors and rhythms of our lives with purpose and meaning? What if we turned our obstacles into opportunities. Some may write this off as being "unrealistic " or "overly optimistic'. Perhaps that's true. All I know is that my encounter with those who were a bit emotional about their Tattoo touched my heart…..and that's how I want to respond to others. 

Choose to control your perspective on life and you will make a difference!