The Double Decker Bus

We were hot, tired and on a bus. One of those double decker buses where you hop on and hop off to see the sights. Truthfully, it was more like a nod off and nod on bus for me. I was in no mood for a tour or sight seeing. We are in London on a business trip and after a long overnight flight, we were killing time until we could get into our hotel room. As I looked around at the passengers on our tour bus, I guessed that they were hot and tired as well. Then we met Georgetta. It was her job to sit on the hot bus with no air-conditioning and convince a group of tired tourists why we should enjoy her city. She greeted us as if we were old friends. She enthusiastically told us about the history and majesty of her wonderful town. She overlooked our travel worn faces and engaged us like we were the most interested students of London architecture and monarch history. Most of all she smiled and refused to display anything other than a sweet caring attitude. 

What a demonstration of leadership! She did not allow her circumstances to dictate her behavior. One could say that it was "her job" to be a tour guide and that is true. But we all have experienced individuals who only did their job and nothing more. Their attitude displayed their lack of care or ownership for their work. This young employee proved that she was more than a hired hand. It was obvious she possessed a sincere love for her city and she wanted to share her city's treasures with us. 

I can't say that I was physically energized after our tour, I was still hot and exhausted. However, when Georgetta told us at the end of the tour that "she loved us all" I couldn't help but think that she was speaking the truth. Choose to lead above your circumstances and you will make a difference!