I don't believe that there is such a thing as being stagnant when it comes to leadership. A wise leader, the CEO of a large company that is experiencing incredible growth, recently told me, "If we are not running toward growthwe are running away from it". He said, "You can't wait for growth to come to you because it never will". Companies that are growing are those who are intentionally moving toward change. Those who choose to become stagnant are actually moving away from change and thus growth. 

People change. Time changes. Technology changes. Culture changes. While our values and principles should not change they should deepen with time and experience. 

If we are going to grow personally we must not sit around and wait for it to come to us. Personal growth takes discipline and determination. The same is true for our relationships. They are either growing together or moving apart.

The wise leader mentioned above knew that if his company was going to grow it had to develop a culture that embraced change. To sustain growth it had to learn from its failures and develop the ability to be open to new ideas and fresh approaches. 

So do we. We grow through our failures and our willingness to get up and try again… and again… and again. Growth is not easy or quick. It is gained through hard experiences that challenge us to become better, stronger leaders. When we choose not to live a stagnant life we will make a difference.