It Doesn't Just Happen

It does not just happen. It is not by osmosis, coincidence, or luck. It happens because of intentional hard work and determination. A seasoned CEO of a large organization put it like this, "When a team is working together, it is because of leadership".  

Many times we expect people to work together with no leadership or direction. Many times we assume that by simply putting individuals together, alignment will occur and goals will be met. That is a false assumption that causes frustration by all who are on the team. Creating effective teamwork begins with the leader and is a significant part of building a culture of cooperation and cohesiveness. 

The same is true with our personal relationships. Strong relationships are not built by chance. It takes work and determination to build solid relationships. When a relationship is working well, it is because of leadership. Leading ourselves to authentically invest in those we care about is foundational to building and sustaining healthy relationships. 

As my friend reminded me, teamwork and relationships that work begin with the leader. Choose to lead by building strong relationships and you will make a difference.