As you read this, those who live in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas are experiencing a catastrophic event. Hurricane Harvey has unleashed wind and epic torrential rains that are causing astronomical devastation. We have seen horrific scenes and heroic actions in the wake of this storm. There have been those who were saved from death and unfortunately those who were not. 
Leadership is about responding well when things go wrong. It's about rising to the challenge of overcoming adversity and allowing it to make us stronger, more compassionate and less judgmental. Today in Texas, there are no divisions of race, religion, or political parties. There are only people who are hurting and others who are helping. We can't control natural disasters but there is something that we all can do. 
I ask you to pause today and think of the storm survivors who have lost their homes, their cars, their possessions, and even their loved ones. While we cannot all rush to the scene to offer support, we can offer our prayers. 
Life is fragile and there are no promises of tomorrow. Take the time to speak into the lives of those you love, live with, and lead and ask God to give strength to our brothers and sisters who are experiencing great loss. It will make a difference. 


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