Attitude and Gratitude 

Several years ago I made a contract with Landon, my son who was just a young boy. He wanted to earn some money so we agreed that he would take on our yard duties for a small fee. However, there was a problem. The yard was too big of a task for a young boy. So, I told him that he could hire me to help him with the job. He immediately told me that his fee was not enough to pay him and me. I said, "Landon, I will come to work for you for two things: attitude and gratitude. As long as you have a good attitude about this job, and as long as you offer gratitude for the help I am providing, I will work for you and together we will tackle the yard." He agreed and we spent several years sharing the yard duties at our home. 

I believe that in our society many have forgotten the importance of a good attitude and offering gratitude. We seem to be self-centered, self-focused, and self-indulgent. I see a "What's in it for me?" mentality among leaders at all levels. An attitude of selfishness is not what makes strong or effective leaders. When we are motivated totally by our own gratification and gain, we become narcissistic and lose the ability to truly influence those in our lives. 

As leaders, we do not have the right to show a poor attitude or a lack of gratitude to those around us. We have a responsibility to demonstrate confidence, respect, and humility. We have an obligation to offer gratitude to others who deserve our thanks. Leading is a privilege and the ability to speak into the lives of others each day is an honor. Think for a moment about how those within your circle of influence perceive you. What kind of attitude are you demonstrating? How many times are you offering words of sincere thanks to others? 

Landon is a young professional now, making his way in the world. I continue to learn from his servant-like attitude and his gracious spirit. Choose to lead with a positive attitude and lots of gratitude and you will make a difference! 


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