Make The Time

I see it all the time. Leaders, running on all cylinders, feel pulled and pushed from multiple areas of responsibility. They are trying to lead their team, their family and themselves well. I spoke with an executive recently who has tons of responsibility and expectations in her life. I asked her how she managed to do all that is required of her. She said: "I realize that when I stop taking care of myself, I begin to lead with less effectiveness.  When I am mentally and physically worn out, my emotional control becomes more difficult. Trying to make good decisions out of an exhausted state generally results in poor decisions.  She continued: "My team and family deserve better. That’s why I give myself permission to recharge from time to time." 
When we as leaders continue to rush to meet all the needs around us, we may find ourselves actually leading poorly. With all the demands in our lives, it is easy to task our way into exhaustion and burn out.  Taking care of yourself may seem like a low priority when there are needs all around you. You may feel like you just can't make the time. However, not doing so will result in you becoming a less than effective leader. 
Choose to develop the discipline of taking care of yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally and you will make a difference. 

- Larry