We were leading an offsite for a large corporation. A seasoned executive was addressing a group of up and coming leaders within his division. He looked at each member in the group and said, "Don’t ever waste a crisis". He continued, "You get to choose how you deal with the crisis that you will undoubtedly face. The most important thing is not the crisis itself but how you handle that situation. Will you merely survive or will you assess, learn and grow from the event?"  "That," he said, "distinguishes success from failure". 
What wise words from a well respected leader who has experienced success on a global level. We are going to face crises within our jobs, our families and our friends. While we don't get to choose what or when the crisis will occur, we do choose how we navigate those times in our lives. Do we create learning opportunities, even when it is painful, that allow us to grow? Or do we simply throw away that opportunity and instead become victims of self-defeat and hopelessness? 
The choice is yours, choose to never waste a crisis and you will make a difference! 

- Larry