How Leadership Training Can Advance Your Organization

How Leadership Training Can Advance Your Organization

Stellar employees are an important factor in leading a powerful business. Effective leadership training will equip those employees with the skills they need to lead your teams to the top. Leadership training will provide your managers and C-suite executives with knowledge to help them excel at work and advance your organization to its highest level. The benefits of leadership training are countless, but here are the seven that we think top the list.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

1. Increase Productivity: Effective leadership skills can increase the productivity of your employees. The best leaders are able to understand their employees on an emotional level, and communicate the company’s vision, mission, and values effectively. Through leadership training you can provide your company’s leaders with the skills they need to connect with your employees and increase the team’s productivity. 

2. Retain Top Talent: Financial expert Dave Ramsey says that the easiest way to build an incredible team is to build an incredible team. I had to let that statement sink in for a moment. He uses a colorful illustration to explain this truth in the article "How to Become a Thoroughbred: 3 Easy Steps to Success."

"Once a year on the first Saturday in May, something extraordinary happens in the town of Louisville, Kentucky. Approximately 20 of the world’s top horses line up to participate in what has been called 'the greatest two minutes in sports': the Kentucky Derby.

These 3-year olds that run for the roses are the finest and fastest. In fact, more than 400 horses are nominated by their owners to enter the Derby each year, but fewer than two dozen get in. These horses are at the top of their game, and yet when they get around other thoroughbreds, nearly all get even better.

 Although most of us will never have the chance to pit ourselves against the top people in the world, we can easily be winners too. The secret is to surround yourself with your own group of thoroughbreds. When you hang out with people who can help you grow, you’ll naturally become a better human being and you’ll definitely get smarter when it comes to your career."

Providing leadership training to your employees can create thoroughbreds. And thoroughbreds like running with other thoroughbreds. This type of work environment will help you retain top talent.

3. Nurture Future Leaders: Leadership training isn’t just for managers and C-suite executives. It can also inspire lower-level employees to become the leaders your company is looking for. By providing them with the proper education, they are more likely to remain at your company and will be able to lead teams even before they have the title and responsibility to do so. Knowing that there is potential for promotion does wonders for employee morale. As an added bonus, your budget for hiring and training new employees can be reduced.

4. Increase Employee Engagement: Providing appropriate feedback is an important skill for effective leadership. Employees who receive weekly feedback are more likely to be highly-engaged at work versus those who receive it less often. Leadership training can teach effective methods for providing feedback and constructive criticism, which in turn increases the skill level of your employees. 

5. Decrease Unhealthy Conflict: During leadership training, employees discover their own personality type, and the traits and tendencies that go along with it. They learn about the personality types of others and the most effective ways to relate to them. Employees begin to recognize that their personality has strengths, as well as weaknesses. They are then able to accept that other personality types also have various strengths and weaknesses. This understanding helps employees be less critical of each other and more willing to work through conflicts in healthy ways. As communication improves, unhealthy conflict decreases.

6. Implement an Effective Leadership Style: Every company and organization is different. The leadership style that works for a large non-profit might not be the best fit for a small start-up. Leadership training can assist you in identifying your current leadership style, evaluating what’s working and what’s not, and making necessary adjustments to match your specific organization.

7. Make Better Decisions: When your leaders are implementing the effective leadership skills they learn through leadership training, they will be better informed to make intelligent business decisions. Their self-confidence in making important decisions will grow. This can lead to improved quality, higher profits, happier employees, and innovative results for your clients and customers.

Ready to Bring Leadership Training to Your Company?

For most businesses, the answer is a resounding "YES!" The drawbacks may include time, energy, and money. However, getting started is actually easy and free of charge. You can take yourself and your team through our online personality test. The 20-question assessment is the first step to gaining understanding of your team and improving communication within it.