It's a bit strange, but my word for 2017 is "overwhelmed".  We are a family of Christian faith so we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. This year we were having a family time of worship and celebration with our two adult children. As part of our sharing together I asked my 23-year-old son to offer a prayer. As he was praying he said, "Let us be overwhelmed with the love of Jesus in our lives.” It caught me off guard, but I instantly knew that is exactly what we, as leaders, should strive for. 

Think about it for a moment. What if we, as leaders, were overwhelmed in our drive and desire to influence others? What if we were overcome with a sense of giving, serving, and speaking into the lives of those around us? What if, in this New Year, we were overwhelmed with opportunities? 

This year I want to be overwhelmed with wisdom to lead well, with compassion for others, with courage to make the hard calls, with vision to set our direction, with relationships that are purposeful and powerful, with excellence in everything we do as a team, and with growth that is beyond what I could humanly accomplish. 

Like Landon, my son, it is my desire to be overwhelmed with the love of Jesus. I believe that if that happens, then 2017 will be a year in which we will make a difference!   

Happy New Year! 


Dr. Larry Little, CEO