How Corporate Leadership Development Affects Workplace Satisfaction

How Corporate Leadership Development Affects Workplace Satisfaction

Corporate leadership development is an impactful way to invest in your company’s most valuable resource, your people. Many companies today “talk the talk” but do not necessarily “walk the walk.”  Leadership training and corporate coaching are parts of corporate leadership development and can demonstrate to your people that they are important and thus improve their workplace satisfaction.  A corporate leadership development strategy has several components, two of which are corporate coaching and leadership training.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching provides an effective path to increasing a person’s self–awareness and self-management, social awareness and social management, as well as relationship awareness and relationship management. These skills are essential to effectively influencing those around us both professionally and personally. Coaching occurs when a coach engages with a employee and his or her leader to establish a growth and development plan with specific goals and measurements. The coaching conversations are private but the goals, engagement level and progress towards the goals are an integral part of the coaching process. Corporate coaching is most effective when there is open dialogue among the triad that is the coach, employee, and leader.

Leadership Training

Leadership training can deliver basic skills training and foster core competencies. However, leadership training is not to be confused with leadership development. Leadership training tends to be more focused on teaching tools and maintaining a person’s potential. It also leans towards maintaining a company’s culture. These are helpful but will not advance a leader or company to the next level, unless you move beyond training to development. Leadership development is more than training. It focuses on people and not curriculum. It is future focused and maximizes the potential of your people. It educates, enriches culture, and is grounded around effectiveness.

3 Fundamental Questions

Leadership is about our ability to influence others. The people around us, in personal and professional relationships, are looking to have three core questions answered:

Question 1: “Does the person I am talking with seem to care about me?”

Question 2: “Does the person talking with me have an ability to help me and do they seem to really want to help?”

Question 3: “Can I trust the person that is talking with me?”

These questions build in that order (i.e. without yes to someone caring about you, you are less likely to allow them to help you as well as unlikely to trust them). As you can see, corporate leadership development can get to “yes” on those three questions with your people and result in fostering workplace satisfaction. Getting to “yes” can mean a higher level of engagement, an increase in productivity, and an increase in employee retention, which all result in a significant boost to the company’s bottom line.

In today’s workforce, a company must choose to invest in people by providing opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. Companies that invest little or pay lip service to corporate leadership development, will watch company talent go to an organization that will provide an opportunity. By choosing to intentionally invest in people you will make a difference.

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