Beyond Commitment

They made a commitment to him. The owner and executive manager of a fast growing franchise organization decided to allow this young college student to enter their management training program. They committed that they would evaluate him at the end of the program. It was a risk for them and for the student.

As the intense program began, the young man worked hard. While he was inexperienced in many of the aspects of the training program, he gave it his best shot and did so with a positive attitude.  Unfortunately, he simply did not excel in crucial areas of the management training.

Some executives and leaders may have thrown in the towel and simply released this student. These leaders chose to do something different.

They realized his work ethic and his positive attitude could yield value to their organization. Both leaders took the time to invest in the young man with strong, honest conversations. They told him they would keep their commitment to allow him to finish the program. It is what they did next that reveals the character of a leader.

After fulfilling their obligation to the student, they found a spot for him on the team that fit his skill set. They offered him the opportunity to stay with the company and continue to learn and grow as he gained experience.

While this will likely not be the young man’s life career, what he is learning from these two leaders certainly will be a life lesson. Investing in those we lead means sometimes going beyond the minimum that is required. Hats off to Dale and Jose, you have demonstrated strong leadership!

Choose to go beyond commitment when investing in others, and you will make a difference!

- Larry