Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

There are those times that I ask myself; is it really worth it? Why should I invest in others? This world is full of poor leaders who are selfish, so does my small influence actually matter? 

I find answers in the most unlikely places. Meet Nolan. He is the manager at a chain shoe store. He met us at the door with a warm smile and a "welcome". Then he served us as we looked for shoes. He wasn't just interested in selling shoes; he authentically wanted to learn about us. He was knowledgeable about his craft but he demonstrated much more than shoe IQ. He listened to us,learned a bit about who we were and then asked questions that were sincere and relevant. 
We also noticed that his team had that same commitment to truly care about each person who entered the store. He was developing a culture that was about more than shoes; it was about serving people. 

It was a refreshing reminder that no matter how small our circle of influence may be, we as leaders have a responsibility to continue the journey of influencing others in a positive direction. We lead because it is who we are, not what we do. We care because we are called to serve others. We influence through our authentic desire to speak into the lives of others. 
Nolan is a young leader who is doing just that. Yes, it is important to continue the struggle, keep fighting to build strong solid leaders and investing in those around us. Why should I invest in others? Nolan reminded me that it is because of the opportunity that I have every day to make a difference! 


Dr. Larry Little, CEO