Never Stop

He is leading a new division. This seasoned executive is introducing his leadership to a new group of employees. He knows that a culture change must occur but he also knows that timing is everything. When I asked him how he is integrating his leadership philosophy into this new division he replied: "I am being present. I walk the floor, listen to our team members, and I learn about their successes and concerns."  I then asked, "So, when do you earn the right to stop learning and start inputting suggestions and direction?" His reply is that of great leaders. He said, “Never. I will never stop learning. As I learn more, I earn the right to provide input and ask better questions." 
That thought process is why this executive is a success and influences thousands of lives with his leadership. While we may have experience, skill, and knowledge, the moment we stop learning is the moment we begin to deteriorate as a leader.  Many times leaders assume they know all there is to know about their specific arena. I will never forget the narcissistic leader who once told me that he had "nothing to learn" from his organization. The result was a difficult demise of his leadership. 
No matter how old, intelligent, or wise you may be, we can always learn something. Learning is an attitude. Those who choose to exhibit a humble spirit of growing in every area of their lives are those that others want to follow. Choose to be a life long learner and you will make a difference! 


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