Who Are You?

Who are you? Really. What is it that makes you tick? Are you comfortable “in your own skin”? The leaders who are the most impressive to me are those who know themselves well enough to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. I asked a strong leader recently what she considered her greatest asset. She replied, "I believe that I am self aware.” She continued, "This allows me to leverage my strengths and get help in my weak areas." She told me that when we understand and accept who we are, we can then begin to truly lead others well.

Warning: many times leaders think that being self aware is an excuse to be self-centered. This leader knew better. She explained to me that knowing herself was the beginning of understanding others and effectively leading them. Leadership is not about having others follow us with unconditional loyalty and approval. It is not about having all the right answers and always making the best decisions.
Leadership is a journey.
It is about earning the right to speak into the lives of others. It is about having authentic transparency and humility. It is about being honest about ourselves and allowing others to see our vulnerability at times.
No one wants to follow or listen to someone who is so self-assured that he projects a "know it all" or arrogant attitude. Being self aware is a powerful trait when it is used to better understand and invest in those around you. The leader above is not perfect. She has real weaknesses that cause her to stumble from time to time. She has incredible strengths that propel her to advance in her career. Most importantly, she truly cares about others and leads with an attitude of genuine humility.
Choose to become self aware so that you can speak into the lives of others and you will make a difference!