When It Comes Knocking

I have recently been engaged with two executives who are in places where no one really wants to be. Each one is struggling with issues that affect their personal lives. These are not trivial issues but life changing and potentially life ending issues. They both are very successful in their professional careers and are facing long-term challenges that will require attention and sacrifice personally. 

They work in vastly different arenas but the interesting thing is what they have in common. Both are walking through this journey of struggle with determination and grit. They display a confidence that, no matter the outcome of the struggles that are out of their control, they will persevere and continue to lead. While they have a realistic view of what is ahead of them, they remain positive and hopeful. 

It is not a matter of IF struggles will come into our lives, but WHEN they arrive. The question we must answer is, "How will we handle adversity when it comes knocking on our door?" Each of these leaders has taught those that they influence, and me, the importance of leading well through tough situations. They are teaching by example and not merely words. 

Choose to face the struggles of life with determination, perseverance, and hope, and you will make a difference!

- Larry

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