What Kind of Leader Are You?

She is an accomplished, experienced senior executive in a large company that is filled with incredibly bright people. She has numerous recognitions and awards for her contributions and leadership on global projects. She has every reason to exude arrogance. But she doesn’t. In a recent coaching session we were discussing her leadership and discovered an area in which she wanted to improve. As we talked, she displayed an engaging openness to listen and to learn. She then formulated a plan. This executive committed to gathering information, asking questions and executing on the areas of improvement. At our next meeting, she had followed through on her plan and gained insight on the gap areas of her leadership. She strengthened her role as a senior executive and leader within the company. 

What is most amazing to me is that she walked through this process with humility and a genuine desire to grow both personally and professionally. She demonstrated the traits of a life-long learner. She had the discipline to become aware and then to execute a plan based on what she learned. 

No matter at what level of leadership we find ourselves, our attitude, openness and drive are keys to our success. I have found that those who lead with arrogance and closed-mindedness are those who demonstrate insecure and weak leadership.

It takes confidence to walk with humility and self-awareness. It takes wisdom to be a learner during every season of life. It takes determination to execute with excellence. Thanks to this executive for exemplifying true leadership that makes a difference!