Walking the Path

She could have gone either way. The crossroads were directly in front of her. She is a mom, wife and leader. If you are familiar with the Make A Difference language, she is a thoroughbred Leading Lion. It would have been easy for this leader to keep charging though life and her career without slowing down to assess her leadership. She is incredibly busy with high demands from her personal life as well as her professional life. She chose to grow her leadership skills and allow herself to authentically look at how she was leading and more importantly, why she was leading. She discovered some startling and insightful things about herself and how she leads. She was open to exploring and sincerely seeking to understand what drives her emotion, response and behavior toward others. In other words she gained self-awareness. 
Once you gain this insight, the journey of truth begins…. That is, if you choose to follow the path of truth. This was her dilemma, what would this strong leader do with the knowledge that she had acquired? She could choose to ignore it, reject it, or use it. She chose the latter. She worked hard to recognize triggers and apply self-discipline that allowed her to lead herself and others differently. She worked hard and learned from her failures. This leader made the choice to become a better leader in every area of her life.
We wake up each day with a choice. We can choose to walk down the path of self-awareness and growth or we can stay on the path of denial and stagnation. Every leader "worth his/her salt" knows that when we stop growing we die as leaders. What is keeping you from growing as a leader and being an influencer of others? More importantly, what are you willing to do about it? Walking the path of truth takes investment, time and energy. It is not for the lazy or complacent. It is for those who are determined to pursue excellence as a leader in their homes, communities and professions. 
Choose the path of growth and truth about your self and you will make a difference.