Two Options

He had the position. He had the authority. The call was his to make. This leader of a large corporation knew that a change needed to be made. He also knew that his decision would affect a leader on his team. He had two options. One would have him to exercise the "command and control" mentality of leadership. It would look like this: the leader meeting with his team member and delivering the difficult news that a change had been made and he expected everyone to fall in line and execute. The second option is the one he chose. He refused to lead with positional leadership and instead met with the team member to share the dilemma facing the company. Then he listened. He heard his team member's thoughts and opinion on the issue. Then after careful consideration he communicated with the team member that while he appreciated his view, the company would move forward in a different direction. No command and control option was needed.

This is a powerful example of strong leadership. When we create an environment of honoring our team by allowing them to be heard, we create a culture of respect. When those who are in authority choose to lead with a dictatorial hammer, the culture suffers and ultimately so does the organization. Understanding how our behavior affects those around us is a fundamental trait of a successful leader. This looks like taking the time and energy to create authentic relationships that possess mutual respect, no matter the position.

The result of the above mentioned leader is that while his team member did not like the call, he respected how it was made. This process increased the credibility of the leader with his team.

Choose to lead with respect for others instead of with your authority and you will make a difference.